Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Monday morning to ya!

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Good Morning! I have something to share.... I am re-doing my daughter's room and have been working on creating a wall gallery above her desk. I have purchased about 90% of the items that I am using from various thrift stores around town and have been busy at work refurbishing and distressing everything. I don't know who is having more fun. My daughter for getting a new room, or me because I get to shop at my favorite places and craft until my eyes bleed and my fingers hurt. (Come on....everyone knows a Mom's best time to think straight uninterrupted is at night when everyone is fast asleep) But sometimes I get carried away and have to finish just one more thing, then one thing leads to another and's 1:45 in the morning. I should get to bed is what I am thinking to myself. But then I fight back and tell myself that I am having too much fun and reason with myself about what I am going to accomplish. After all, I'll set the coffee timer on my way to bed. :) Take a look and let me know what you think. I have actually filled 2 of the frames. One is a hand embroidered bird in a cage that I slapped together in a hurry on one of the fabric swatches from the quilt I am going to make. I'm not really impressed with it, but my daughter loves it so it's a keeper. The other is a silhouette I made of my girl with a cute pinwheel bow. Not sure what I will put into the other frames just yet. We shall see what I dream up next. Have a great week everyone!

I originally bought this old picture for the frame, but the picture is growing on me and I really love it. Wierd? I don't really know where to hang it. It doesn't necessarily fit the "theme". Thoughts??


  1. Thank you so much for dropping by Junkin Joe!!! What sweet finds and you are doing an amazing job getting them ready for your daughters room! Trust me...if she loves it it is a WONDERFUL Thing. Those frames are AMAZING...the oval one is to die for!!! Keep up the good work and keep drinking that is what i run on : ) LOL!!!!I am going to put my thinking cap on for the green frame! If you don't want to keep the picture -- it would make a great bulletin board or chalkboard for her room!??? : ) hugs and hope to see you at JJoe on Friday! : ) hugs...

    1. Thanks so much!! Great idea for a chalkboard. It would be PERFECT!! Thanks for stopping by. I'll be @ JJoe on Friday! :) Take care!